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My drone is drunk. Or I am. Im too drunk to tell.

Mirumod, Macgyver, hull, cam, propeller, leg, cross, ball bearing mods... etc.
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My drone is drunk. Or I am. Im too drunk to tell.

Post by undeliverable » 05 May 2018, 04:14

OK not really. So :

I have a bunch of interesting drones that I like to tinker with, so when a neighbor gave me his old Parrot AR 1.0, I figured it was going to be simple to get it running. Not so much.

This thing has really been through the mill. Ignoring the cosmetics, it seemed to me that the shafts were bent, one of the props was creased and one of the gears was stripped. Just for fun I fired it up and it did pretty much what I expected, it got about 2 feet off of the ground, crabbed drunkenly and crashed. Did some corrections and it didnt even make it off the ground before it flipped. OK time for new parts.

I replaced the shaft, gears, bearings and props. Reset the done, did the 0-trim button. Checked the props are all on the right arms (Dips on the outside ends, right?), and... It flipped over again. Hmm. Blades look like they are spinning the right way, everything is straight and true, balanced, maybe a little wobble in one arm but within limits I think. Caps look fine, logic board looks intact. Its little self test (its little blade waving when it comes on) seems to make it happy... But one of the motors sounds different. It LOOKS different, the cog on it plastic not aluminum. Im thinking they had a big wreck and had to replace a motor, but Im not sure. Maybe the gyro is shot.

Holding it in my hand and watching the pitch of the blade while it runs it bucks pretty hard. Any experts have any clever troubleshooting ideas?

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