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Bebop 1 / Initialisation

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Bebop 1 / Initialisation

Post by aulegtrand » 25 Aug 2019, 18:37

I have a Parrot Bebop 1. I used this drone with the SkyControler 2 without issue.
After the software update on November 2018, the bebop 1 is no longer usable with Free Flight Pro or with SkyControler 2.
I contacted support, then they proposed :
• Update drone with application Free Flight Pro => KO
• Update drone with USB connection by copy file "bebopdrone_update.plf" => KO
Today :
• I couldn't use drone with Free Flight Pro. WiFi connection is Ok but software couldn't connect to bebop 1.
• When I connect drone with USB I could read the file directory but in read only mode. So I could write any file.
I try to reinstalling factory settings.
If one of you have already see this problem or have any idea …
Thanks en advance.

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Re: Bebop 1 / Initialisation

Post by AR.Tommy » 27 Aug 2019, 13:59


there are different KO error messages. Is it possible to provide the full error message or maybe a screenshot of the error screen?

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Re: Bebop 1 / Initialisation

Post by lpff » 01 Sep 2019, 19:27

The latest FFPro version works fine with the Bebop 1.
Please after any Freeflight Pro udpate you have to reset the drone. Try this and tell me the results.

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