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Clarification about ways to use the SkyController 1

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Clarification about ways to use the SkyController 1

Post by NewBBUser » 29 Jan 2020, 15:39

I'm about to receive my Bebop 2 with skycontroller 1 and I have some points I would like to clarify not to make mistakes.

I understand the usual way to connect the phone to the controller is via Wifi since there is no cable connection for the SkyController 1, and then use the FreeFlight Pro app on the phone.
And also that the SkyController 1 has an integrated GPS(unlike the SC2) so there is no use turning the phone GPS on (please correct me if I'm wrong).

What bothers me is that I read that the SkyController 1 has an integrated android system and can control the drone without a phone.
So what about when I plug the HDMI cable for FPV view?
Does that mean the controller is using it's internal android system with integrated FreeFlight Pro app and just sending images to the phone via the cable?
If yes in this case there is no need to have the phone's Wifi connected to the controller to fly FPV?
Does that also mean that the FreeFlight Pro app integrated with the controller is updated through the firmware update?

Or am I all wrong and I should connect the phone via Wifi to the controller and use the app from the phone whatever I want to do?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Clarification about ways to use the SkyController 1

Post by LoveBebops » 21 Aug 2020, 17:52

Not quite sure what you're saying here lol..I know you can fly your bop by using just your phone or tablet.Make sure you turn your phone to "airplane mode" so any incoming calls don't interfere with the free flight app.
I use a SC1 also with a 10 inch tablet that gives me in-the-face flying. If you're going to use goggles you will need to connect a cable from the controller to the phone or tablet.
Hope this helps.


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Re: Clarification about ways to use the SkyController 1

Post by aerocar » 17 Sep 2020, 13:16

To newbbuser, you can fly the BB with just the SC1. No phone or tablet needed.of course you will not see the camera view and miss other features. Fly it with just the controller watching the drone. Learn to fly first. It is easy.
When you use the phone or tablet in the SC1, you will open settings and communication. Have both BB and SC on. You will observe the Wi-Fi from both BB and SC. They must be connected. Then FFP app will see both and connect. After doing the setup procedure and logging on to MY. PARROT, you will see the video.
After GPS is acquired, be sure to set HOME before your first take off!
Note, when setting up the BB in the FFP a sub menu takes you to a screen with many choices. Please find the screen in which you MUST choose NEVER for the mini video view. If yo do not, the FFP app will shut down while you are flying. DANGER. Enjoy.

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