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Bebop 2 Camera problem

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Bebop 2 Camera problem

Post by Gerrit13 » 16 Jan 2019, 19:44

Hy People,
My name is Gerrit from Belgium.
I have been flying a bebop 1 since this summer with no prob, skycontroller 1.
i now bought myself a new Bebop 2 on Ebay.
Video recorded is very blurry.
Temerature is 5 C° to 6.
Bebop 1 video quality is fine.
Bebop 2 blurry, bad;
In know about the problem of the bebop 2 in cold weather but.
: bebop 1 is fine
: some people have no problem.
I posted a repair request on the parrot site and awaiting answer for some days now.
What is there to to?
Other camera?
Manually fix this somehow?
I could wait until summer?
Software? (now running 4.7.1)
Problem comp with the skycontroller?
Some other setting?
Buy new drone?



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Re: Bebop 2 Camera problem

Post by ar202018 » 20 Jan 2019, 15:30

Try camera in the house when its warm.

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Re: Bebop 2 Camera problem

Post by larry31 » 21 Jan 2019, 03:19

I got my Bebop 2 for Christmas 2017.
The video was, not very sharp. I complained to Parrot, and after much exchanging of e-mails, they said send it back to them. ( March 2018, Cold winter temps here in N.H. USA ) They replaced it with a different bebop. ( Original was red, and replacement was white. )
The video on second one was "slightly" better, but not great.

Good luck in dealing with them. Since then, I've had to send the 2d drone back because it just shut off, and fell 25 feet to ground. Again much back and forth before they said send it back. They sent me a 3d drone ( again a different one.) That one was about same video quality as the 2d one.

I don't see much difference between our summer temps, and our winter temps, as far as video quality.

Winter flight (November ) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uezcUhFLGrI

Summer flight (September) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lF9N9Arr5c
( Note: drone video is near end of video. Time stamp 23:00 )

April flight.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2NHdETYzO0

My latest exchange with Parrot was so screwed up, I gave up trying to deal with them.
I wish you good luck in dealing with their current customer service.

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