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Post by Colbol » 24 Dec 2016, 02:40

I have some spare parts for a Bebop 2 which I will sell at a rediculous cheap price if any of our Hong Kong members are interested. I.E. I would prefer to sell locally in HK.

I have -

Two spare batteries - only cycled max 10 times each.

Battery charger for Bebop 2

Two sets of props for Bebop 2

Replacement cage for base of Bebop 2, with arms.

Four Bebop 2 motors - less than 20 flights.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

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Re: Bebop

Post by Bobrobot1 » 30 Dec 2016, 22:13

Is there any way I can get an extra battery (I live in USA)
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Re: Bebop

Post by Bjbdrone » 11 Apr 2017, 02:13

Hi i would love to buy that 4 motors asap... my sister lives in HK you can send it to her please reply ineed it real.bad how much your selling it...?

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Re: Bebop

Post by ispychu » 12 Jul 2017, 22:42

Looks like we got a buyer here folks :) - Let's seal the deal :)
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