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Post by Canadrone » 22 Dec 2010, 22:50

Got my Drone in the mail a few days ago (from BestBuy Online). Been doing mainly indoor flights (as it's -22C outside) and have been doing alright. I had a couple of good crashes early on and broke the EPP on the indoor hull twice, but it wasn't anything a quick CA glue application couldn't fix. I did a few short flights outside, but I'm afraid of snow getting inside the drone body (and possibly shorting something out) and also concerned about the cold making things extra brittle. Looking forward to the spring and being able to go full-out outdoors.


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Re: Edmonton

Post by AvianAx » 12 Jul 2012, 19:54

Hi I'm in Edmonton d/t area.Just getting a handle on my drone.Safe flying.

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