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Post by plexus » 18 Dec 2010, 19:53

Im in Toronto and have an AR.Drone. Two actually. The first one I got from Expansys and it died after 20 minutes of flight or so. no major crashes, just some bumps along the way. Now it flies off to the side immediately and is erratic if I hold it. I have had to ask my credit card company to dispute the return for refund as Expansys says they wont refund me and says to talk to Parrot. Parrot says to talk to Expansys. Expansys says that it says right on their site when purchasing that they will only repair it. However the link on the agree to terms and conditions says that they will refund it within 21 days.

I ended up buying another from Best Buy as they were available locally online. This one works great. I have had 2 big crashes into trees and after repairing a broken prop and axel, it still works great. I haven't done a lot of flying since its cold and snowing here a lot lately.

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