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New flyer needing advice.

Posted: 08 Jan 2021, 02:40
by Slybaxter
Hello all. Relatively new to drone flying. So currently seeking some advice.

I recently picked myself up a blackout spider hex with 1806 2400kv t-motors with radio link esc's and a pixhawk flight controller for 40$. I'm aware it's outdated hardware but for a beginner to racing drones I'm alright with that for now.

So to the questions.
First is it worth getting it going as is on the hex frame ? If so any recommendations for a battery size ? Google has come up with everything from 1200-3300mah.
Or would it make more sense to strip it and throw a 250 quad together ? Again google is stating it's more or less the standard now. I can get myself a nighthawk frame for roughly the same price.