EB Games can get parts

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EB Games can get parts

Post by rogueqd » 01 Jan 2011, 19:08

A mate of mine is a manager at an EB Games store. I mentioned I had a drone and he said he could get parts if I wanted them. Apparently all EB Games stores can order parts, no stock in the stores tho and I have no idea about pricing and wait times.

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Re: EB Games can get parts

Post by netguru » 02 Jan 2011, 02:36

Very Interesting! I wonder if all the Game Stop / EB Games can do that?

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Re: EB Games can get parts

Post by geoffc » 07 Jan 2011, 02:27

If you're after a cheap set of replacement blades, check out ebgames.com.au -

http://www.ebgames.com.au/pc-152633-Par" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; ... pellers-PC

$11.95 per set... (+postage)

Taking pre-orders now.

And No - I don't work for EB...

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Re: EB Games can get parts

Post by rulppa » 07 Jan 2011, 11:10

Any idea if these are different for sure? Do they ship international, im not from your country but this is first time i see other than parrot manufactured blades.

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Re: EB Games can get parts

Post by MrDystopia » 15 Feb 2011, 14:26

I just checked the EB Games online store and it seems they have the full range of spare parts listed now.

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