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Hello From Australia

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Hello From Australia

Post by Greywolf » 13 Jul 2020, 04:56

Hello all,
I have joined your forum in the hope of gaining a little bit of guidance from folks.
Like many people I have had a multitude of drones in the $20 to $50 range. You get what you pay for of course.
So I have had most of them lose signal at about 20 or 30 meters away, become unresponsive, go out of tune, become UN-trimmable etc.
Ultimately ending up in a tree, over an impossible fence or just lost.

I though it about time that I bought a proper one. However deciding what to buy out of the thousands available is very daunting.
I do a bit of adventure riding with my sons on the motor bikes and have seen many you tube videos from the campsite where the
drone seems to scoot round hundreds of meters away seemingly in complete control by its operator.
Clearly many of these videos have the drone so far away the operator is relying on the camera relaying video back to the controller of a headset.

I began to look online and to be honest I am pretty lost trying to find the sweet spot.
It would be easy to accidentally spend a couple of thousand dollars when perhaps the sweet spot is a lot less.

I was hoping you good folks might be able to point me in the direction of something suitable to my needs.

My criteria is as follows.

Either come with or be up gradable to a suitable first person headset.
Have a long range ( hundred (s) of meters would be nice)) with the reliability to match.
Not requires expert level experience to control it.
Hopefully not have a starting price in the thousands,

Just as an after thought I do a lot of computer programming and electronics so as a tinkerer I
ultimately would like to build and modify my own once I get my head round the basics.

I am guessing you may already have covered this topic 1000 times so feel free to point me to a link if there is one.
Oh I am in Australia which might make a difference,
Thanks Heaps in advance.

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