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Airborne Cargo Help

Posted: 07 Nov 2019, 19:32
by Memor86
Hello guys i hope there is hope for this lil drone.
i just purchased it second hand, i've got a tello and found this cheap and got it just to start my collection.
1 drifts badly
2 yaws and wont maintain its direction
3 sometimes wont maintain altitude, sometimes will start climbing for no reason
4 props stop in mid flight, drone is still on because it will take off right away if commanded. (this issue was fixed after updating firmware)
5 when doing a flip to any direction it will gain some altitude and flip but will crash to the floor. if the flip is performed at a higher altitude (above 2 meters) it will almost crash but will drift and turn after the flip, need to recover it manually or will crash into the wall or into something.
6 the supersonic sensor will get really hot to the touch after a flight (i dont know if this is normal)

as i mentioned, i got this drone used, didn't seem to have too much cosmetic damage, i guess most people gets frustrated trying to fly lil drones with touch controls i've got the parrot flypad and a bit of experience from flying my tello

another thing i notice is that i cannot change the accessories in the app settings, since this flyes very erratic im using the propeller guards