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AR Drone 1.0 won't fly more then a few inches

Posted: 05 Feb 2016, 15:12
by Cxruss4
Please help. I have an AR Drone 1.0 that was functioning perfectly.

This what I did in this order.
1. I attempted to change out the bushings with bearings and the props with carbon fiber units. The fit was tight due to extra thickness of the new parts so I thinned the gear to make the assembly thinner.

Result. The drone would only fly one inch off the ground and would yaw to the left then settle with "VISION ALERT" on the screen. I describe the error in detail below.

This is what I did next.
1. I went back to stock bushings
2. I replaced the gears with new gears
3. I replaced the shafts with new shafts
4. I replaced the props with brand new OEM stock props
5. I confirmed that the props were on the correct motors for C and A based on diagrams https://cyclingexperiences.files.wordpr ... otated.jpg
6. I held down the reset button multiple times
7. I performed multiple Flat Trims
8. Tried multiple batteries
9. Cleaned the bottom camera

I am getting the same result. My drone will spin up and try to lift off and get maybe 1 inch off the ground and surge for a while yaw to the left. You seem to have control slightly then settle down on the ground with "VISION ALERT" on the screen. It also has a delay when you push the landing button before the props cut out.

I am not sure what to try next, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.