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Problems of AR Drone 1.0, Freeflight 1.
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Post by EdCampbell » 09 May 2015, 00:40


I have just joined this group, and I have an issue with my drone. I inherited this drone from my boss because he just could not get it off the ground and it would always crash sideways. I managed to get it off the ground to about 1 meter and then I would get a low battery message - this is after about a minute max. It has the original battery by the way. Before I Splash out on a new battery I need some good advice. First I have read in other areas on the web that there have been issues with the batteries from Parrot. Please can some one kindly advise me on the following:
1) Could this issue be battery related?
2) Could this be firmware related - if so is there still an update for the firmware. The drone was bought in about the middle of 2012.
3) I am based in Mexico and if there is any of you members who are based in the USA, could you direct me to a reputable AR DRONE BATTERY SUPPLIER who has good prices and the batteries are reliable and compatible with the AR DRONE V1. I know the V2 is a better model but due to its price here in Mexico I cannot afford to get one yet.

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Post by Glenn » 09 May 2015, 15:34

Hey --

I just joined this group too. I share sympathy for you for having bought something from such an incompetent company as Parrot. This "sudden discharge" power problem like you're describing has been discussed in the Parrot AR Forum for YEARS. YES YEARS. And the Parrot forum isn't accepting new "applications", so you can't register.

I worked as a EE for a US Defense Contractor for 20 years. Recreating, and fixing this problem should Childs play, but the Parrot engineers can't seem to is it. My story is just like yours.

The consensus is that it's firmware related, since the problem seemingly abruptly started in 2012. But a look at recent posts showed no solutions. MY PROBLEM IS WITH AN AR DRONE 2.0 THAT SAT FOR A YEAR. IDENTICLE SYMPTOMS AS YOU. A PERFECT MATCH. I have 8 batteries lying around, and it doesn't like any of them. I have a fancy balanced charger, and they appear fine. I borrowed a battery from a friend, and it didn't work either!

I wish I could be more constructive. I'm not even sure how the firmware gets loaded to the Drone. I think the reason you haven't seen more posts is simply people have given up! Gedgar2016@gmail.com. If you (or anyone) sees what I'm missing -- AND I HAVE TO SUSPECT I AM. Please feel free to call me an idiot, and point me too it.

Glenn :-)

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