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need help:drone wont rise above 1m

Posted: 06 Jan 2019, 17:01
by ath45
first off i want to apologize for my spelling mistakes as english is not my native language
i use autoflight,a piece of software for win/linux that i use to fly my ar.drone 2.0 as i cannot fly with the app
and my drone wont ascend beyond 1 meter weather i fly with the app or autoflight and i have tried to set the max altitude to max in both and it doesent fix the problem(i also tried resetting the drone a couple times and it didnt help) and after my drone takes off and ascends to 1m when i start moving the drone it quickli loses altitude.the same thing happens even if i hold the escend key the entire time
i will provde video from the drone soon so you can see what exacli is happening
note:all help is appritiated even if it doesent fix the problem,explain your solution in detail,if you suggest that flashing the drone will help i will try it
(edit:the video i recorded from both the app and autoflight is in .mp4 and for some reason i canot play it)

Re: need help:drone wont rise above 1m

Posted: 18 Feb 2019, 11:41
by ath45
update:ar.freeflight now crashes after i connect to the drones wifi and if i connect to the drone first the app crashes on startup)