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Flight recorder GPS

Problems of AR Drone 2.0, Freeflight 2, Flight Recorder GPS, Qgroundcontrol... etc.
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Flight recorder GPS

Post by Jezza » 02 Jun 2018, 20:11

Hi and thanks for reading. I have just bought my new ar.drone 2.0 and a flight recorder GPS. It works on the pc(light flashes). When i connect to drone. It takes a while for the drone to reconise it then the light starts to flash steady. On the app(iphone) i can not see the global in the top right. All is updated and cant find any help regarding this so please if you can spare a little time to five a newbie deone flyer a hand before i give it all up as i dont want to loose my drone again. Thanks

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Re: Flight recorder GPS

Post by AR.Tommy » 03 Jun 2018, 06:44


this may help (I never did this on my own but it's from a thread of the german board)

Try the following to reset the GPS to factory settings:
1) boot into Windows (if you are on something else)
2) install GPS driver (it's on the usb gps flight recorder)
3) install and run SiRF Demo: http://www.falcom.de/support/software-tools/sirf/
4) select source: serial port (usually COM3), baud rate 4800
5) Action > Open Data Source
6) if you don't see any data coming from the device, try Action > Synchronize Protocol & Baud Rate
7) once you verify that it's properly detected, go to Action > Initialize Data Source and perform factory reset.

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Re: Flight recorder GPS

Post by tonyo2 » 14 Aug 2018, 16:39

I can't get gps driver to work on windows 10

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