Problems of AR Drone 2.0, Freeflight 2, Flight Recorder GPS, Qgroundcontrol... etc.
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Post by bluebirdsmike » 11 Mar 2017, 12:53

Hi, my AR Drone 2 regularly goes into a snip when I'm trying to make it go forward. Any ideas why that would be happening? :shock:

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Re: Spin

Post by johnwest12 » 10 Aug 2017, 08:08

Which model of drone you have, share some specification here then it would be easy for us to answer your query.

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Re: Spin

Post by AR.Tommy » 10 Aug 2017, 13:07


his model of drone is an AR.Drone 2, like he wrote. :D

Does it do a 180° turn? This could be a "bug" of the outdoor hull I remember this. When flying full throttle forward it randomly turned around. Just for the sake of fun try the black indoor hull. If it won't happen with the indoor hull it is the outdoor hull problem. It looks like some kind of aerodynamic problem.

There's a mod thread in German board that also works with the outdoor hull:
https://www.drone-forum.de/community/vi ... inne#p2087
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Re: Spin

Post by ScrewedbyParrot » 12 Aug 2017, 17:24

Wow, it would be great if my daughter's drone ever worked at all. Maybe we would have had flying related problems. Instead we wasted $250 on a product that didn't work right out of the box and the manufacturer takes no responsibility!

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