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FreeFlight 2.4 Not Working With Newer Android Software

Problems of AR Drone 2.0, Freeflight 2, Flight Recorder GPS, Qgroundcontrol... etc.
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Emo Jim
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FreeFlight 2.4 Not Working With Newer Android Software

Post by Emo Jim » 05 May 2021, 19:48

Hey guys, anyone know what to do about this issue i'm having with my AR Drone 2.0. It has been in storage for the past two years. When i flew it two years ago, it flew great with my Galaxy S8 phone. I have since upgraded my phone 2 times to the now Galaxy S20 plus. Well when i tried to use the FreeFlight 2.4 drone software on it, I get this message saying FreeFlight 2.4 is not supported by the newer android software, drone may not operate correctly. Well i can take off and land, i can go up and down and turn it around in mid air, but i can't move the drone forward or backwards or side to side. I can't control the left button on the screen of my phone for movement. The right side works perfectly. Anyone have this issue with the new Galaxy S20? Let me know. I really wanted to fly my drone while visiting TN.

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