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Tablet and altitude question

Posted: 29 Dec 2018, 16:15
by Eagle430s
Today i was flying me bebop 2 with skycontroller 2 and ofcourse wifi off
I noticed when the drone climbed to 30meters height the height indicator on my sc2 showed a red square when ..sort of a warning...when i was decending at 29meters and below this red square warning was not displayed...
Is this a warning that i am close to the max height the bebop 2 can climb? ( i ve read somewhere it can climb up to around 90meters of height)

My other question...
I have two tablets...a p80 telcast pro 8 inch and a lenovo tab 4 ...7inch...both are in the "charging mode once connected with the usb of the sc2...however the p80 is drying up 3x times faster the battery of sc2 compared to my tab 4..could it be the size.of the tablet? I mean 8inch-higher capacity battery?
My tab 4 is very slim and i made a custom foam pillow like shape that i put between the sc2 mount and the back of my tablet to be able to hold it..a bit fiddle but it works...i was looking at.8inch tablets that are not too slim to fit but if it will drain my sc2 battery fast i would stay with my 7inch tab 4
(Both tablets are.98+% charged when used with my sc2)

Re: Tablet and altitude question

Posted: 30 Dec 2018, 13:46
by waterlanding
1) It sounds like your Maximum altitude is set to 30 meters. Go to Fly & Film / Settings / Safety and adjust it higher and see if that works. BTW, on that same setting page is the Geofence setting. You'll get a simple warning when you exceed Max Altitude unless the GeoFence is on. If you turn on the Geofence, the drone will stop at the max altitude setting.

2) Different tablets draw more or less power. The newer the tablet, chances are it'll use less power. The smaller the tablet, the less power you use. The brighter you turn the screen up to, the more power you use. Since the tablet charges from the SkyController (A very bad idea IMHO), be sure your tablet has a full charge and use whichever tablet gives you the longest battery life if its a problem.

Re: Tablet and altitude question

Posted: 31 Dec 2018, 15:08
by Eagle430s
Hi and thanks for the was right i went through my settings--safety and it was set to 30m
The maximum height setting is 150m....i have set it to it a safe altitude as a limit?

Re: Tablet and altitude question

Posted: 06 Feb 2019, 14:50
by lsdlsd88
it all depends on the wind condition, without wind even 150 is safe :)