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FPV Screen Burn WARNING!

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FPV Screen Burn WARNING!

Post by vrjunkie » 12 Jul 2018, 20:53

Fellow FPVers,

I don't know if this has been addressed here before but I wanted to warn my fellow FPV junkies that they can PERMANENTLY damage their phones screens while your phone is in a set of FPV goggles.

Recently I went to a park and had great sunny weather and it was arround noon with the sun overhead. I had a great day flying FPV and went through 2 batteries without any issues - or so I thought...

Upon looking at my phone a couple days later I saw what I thought was some debris on my screen and attempted to wipe it off - it would not. Then I thought, oh no, I must have scratched my screen - but I felt it and there were no actual scratches.

Upon using a strong magnifying glass I discovered that the screen has damage below the top surface of the glass... It appears to be some kind of internal coating to fight internal reflections or something. There is a closely set series of dots concentrated under where the left and right oculars were over the glasses. At least one of them is in a kinda continuous curve or "V" shape - this denotes this happened fast - VERY FAST!!! This did not happen in minutes it was seconds or possibly portions of a second to happen.

All the pixels work under these markings - the effect is that the screen is brighter under these spots. Fortunately this was on my secondary phone that I use strictly for VR and FPV (older Galaxy 6 edge) and not my current Galaxy 8+.

Let this be a warning to NEVER no matter how BRIEFLY let the sun shine into the optics of a FPV headset while your phone is in your goggles.

Pictures attached for inspection of results of not heeding this warning!


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