design flaws bebop 2 and fixes?

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design flaws bebop 2 and fixes?

Post by l.hoornweg » 07 Jan 2017, 10:31

As everyone know by now, thee Parrot bebop series are not the best drones on the marked. they're fun for the simple man, but for me I feel conned cause of the high price vs the capabilities it has. and then, even some of the capabilities has design flaws witch make it even harder to love your'e bebop.

one of these flaws with the bebop one is the fact that the battery charger would charge the batteries not to 100% but to somewhere in the 60's. another would be when your'e not using the skycontroller your'e bebop could just fly away until your'e battery is drawn and the bebop would crash miserably.

now there are many workarounds or even fixes on the internet for problems with the bebop one. but for the bebop 2 I can't find a single solution for one of my main problems. My bebop 2 is not able to maintain its height when flying straight forward. when I do, my bebop 2 sometimes drops for more than a meter. This makes it almost impossible to make low surface action shots.
Now I don't know if this is a design flaw or just a problem with my own bebop 2, but it is something I would like to hear your'e experience of.

another, definitely design flaw, is the fact that the bebop 2 only has 8 of 9 GB of storage space for photo and video. now for that, someone has found a workaround / solution:

Also there is one thing nagging at me all the time. the bebop 2 battery. according to Parrot the original bebop 2 battery has 2700mah. I've been searching for alternative batteries so I can increase the flight time. It shouldn't be that hard because the original batteries have a lot op plastic which makes it heavy. when I search the internet for quality Lipo batteries like tattu batteries a 2300 mah 11.1V battery weights 182.2 grams. an original 2700 mah battery from parrot weights 163 grams (without the plastic housing). so or they have found a ridiculous lightweight lipo battery, or it is not a 2700 mah battery. unfortunately I'm not able to measure the batteries capacity to prove my suspicion.

so, if anyone else have found design flaws and/or possible fixes for the bebop one or two please post them here.

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Re: design flaws bebop 2 and fixes?

Post by solaris8x86 » 27 Jan 2017, 04:21

You are damn right. That was why I established the Parrot Punishment Program to punish Parrot employee for years. :evil:
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Re: design flaws bebop 2 and fixes?

Post by Bobrobot1 » 31 Jan 2017, 03:54

:roll: I think that is a problem with your drone. my battery goes to 100%. I use Skycontroller 2 and I have good altitude hold! I don't see why the charger only charges to ~60%. Try contacting support at Thanks!
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Re: design flaws bebop 2 and fixes?

Post by AR.Tommy » 01 Feb 2017, 14:50

Mine is also working great please consider contacting the support.

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