Bebop 2 doesn't sit still inside

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Bebop 2 doesn't sit still inside

Post by Icerook » 28 Dec 2016, 17:42

It always seems to drift. Except the other day, it just sat there like a Mavic, but even that had a hitch, all of a sudden it pitched forward and banked right hard into a wall, thankfully it was fine.

But anyone know the cause? It's my 2nd bebop 2, first one went back to Amazon after the frame cracked.

The other day it also disconnected at 500 feet, luckily it was right above me and after two minutes I was finally able to connect only the sc2 and brought her down, return to home didn't seem to work.

My biggest concern is connectivity, I don't even dare try to use just an phone, horrible control that way and very inaccurate.

I have very little if not zero confidence flying it too far, it's 400 bucks in the sky and would like to see it again

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Re: Bebop 2 doesn't sit still inside

Post by AR.Tommy » 29 Dec 2016, 10:56

Hello and welcome,

if it does not hold the position it is very likely that it "sees" its own shadow and try to hold on it. (but the shadow is moving with the drone and so on..)

Test it again in good lighting conditions where the bottom camera can not see its own shadow on the ground and you will see everything is fine.

Sweet and delicious apps for your drones.

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