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Updating - Bebop 1

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Updating - Bebop 1

Post by Duck_Dodgers » 01 Jun 2021, 23:50

Hey all, I'm having an issue that I'm either too stupid to figure out on my own or something isn't quite right. I'm betting it's me.

I bought the Bebop 1 new when it was released, but thanks to a busy life and travels it's been relegated to a dark but cozy spot in my office closet. Today after deciding to clean up, found it again. Batteries still charge, flown it twice.

HOWEVER, it requires some updates according to the app. I believe I successfully updated the controller. However, I'm having a very hard time figuring out the update procedure for the actual drone. I've connected the drone to my phone via Wifi. It tells me it's connected and shows the drones name. It says there is an update (two from what I can tell) and that it must be updated before I can use the app with the drone / controller. But everything I try, there's just no way to actually push these updates to the drone. If I choose "Fly and film", it just says "update required" and gives me an "OK" button. Pressing that button brings me back to the main screen. If I click on the drones name, it'll show the two updates but pressing on them does nothing. Same if I choose "check for updates". It'll show me the two updates but can't press any of them.

I switched Wifi to my internet to see if I could press them (maybe they needed to be downloaded?) but nothing happened. Switched back to the drone and same issues as above. It's showing me there are updates, saying I need to install them, but no matter what I do it just seems like I can't.

Anyone know the correct procedure?

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