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Bebop 2 Motor issue, maybe time to upgrade? Is that possible?

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Bebop 2 Motor issue, maybe time to upgrade? Is that possible?

Post by Frelanz » 06 Oct 2020, 08:59

:arrow: So I knicked a branch today :shock: playing around in the park and my bebop 2 went into a "motor stall" and plummeted all of 6 feet on to fluffy green grass... after I righted it and picked off the grass I hit launch, the props spun like it was going to take off and the it said motor stall... it did that like 2 more times and then I noticed the right rear motor was kind of lagging the rest... I picked it up to hand launch as I though maybe it was the grass getting in the way... now I have a "motor stage broken" error :roll: .... I checked it out a bit and it seems ok, spun freely, cage doesn't wobble (like another one I have) I disconnected from it closed my app took out the battery, even disconnected and reconnected the motor wire under the foot and all that noise to no avail.... ANYWAYS.... so I guess it's more of a "HARD" issue? Physical wiring or something? Anyone had that problem? AND .... has ANYONE EVER PUT BEBOP 2 POWER MOTORS IN A BEBOP 2 STANDARD BEFORE? Does it work? What's the difference if any? Have some wifi questions too but that's for another post after I look around some... THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS!
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