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Just picked up a bebop 2

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Just picked up a bebop 2

Post by Tourmax » 17 Jun 2019, 00:16

Hello all, new to the forum.

I’m recently retired from the RCAF, search and rescue. 29 years. Finally so beat up they told me I couldn’t do it anymore and they medically released me. Don’t feel too bad, it’s got a pretty good golden parachute attached to it.

I also volunteer with the local ground search team. Since walking is hard for me these days, I do trail searches on my Argo (8x8 Amphib). I’ve wanted a drone for a while, something I could put up over the argo and see a bit further out into the trees on either side of the trail.

Canada just brought in new drone regulations on 1 Jun, so drone prices have taken a pretty good dive here. I found a new bebop 2 with skycontroller 1 for 500 bucks. Not a fantastic price, but not bad either.

I wrote the basic exam, pretty easy. 91% and my 3 wrong answers were really just stupid mistakes on my part.

Flying the drone is simple, it does the hold and stabilization parts for you.

The camera never seemed to be very clear. In all fairness, I did have a light crash on my first flight. So I took the camera lens/barrel apart and refocused the lens. Works great and gives actual 1080p images now.

But it pointed out that the camera is very vulnerable on this drone. It also didn’t seem to deal well with “shine”, reflections or light changes very well. So, to kill teo birds with one stone, i ordered a new nose cap that accepts 52mm lenses. A UV, CPL and a couple ND lens.

I also noticed the drone lands pretty hard on auto-land and it’s pretty low to the ground for starting rotors. So I also ordered up a set of extended landing gear with shock absorbing built in.

Next is to make up a carrying case and buy a better balance charger for the batteries.

The bebop 2 seems like a decent rig, even if it is a little “light duty”.


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Re: Just picked up a bebop 2

Post by Thrasherg » 17 Jun 2019, 18:37

welcome to the mad house and congratulations on the recent retirement!! Remember "we don't stop doing things because we get old, we get old because we stop doing things!!" Keep yourself active..you have listed the major faults with the bebop2!! Hand launching can help overcome how close the rotors are to the ground, but you still have to land it somewhere (you can try catching it with your hand, but I like having all 10 fingers!!)!! the video is not that bad, if you are planning to use the drone to help with search & rescue, you might want to look at the professional Bebop2 with infra-red camera (help locate body heat) but you are looking at a 5x increase in cost!! Just to rub it in but Amazon is selling a complete bebop2 package (drone, controller & FPV glasses) for about $200!! here in the USA.. you can also buy small rubber feet to attach to the bebop to raise it, but I found they quickly bent and really didn't help much. I didn't know the focus of the camera was adjustable, it is a very expensive part to replace so do try to protect it.

For carrying cases, you might want to look at HUL, they make an aluminium carrying case for the Bebop 2 (sells for about $80 on ebay) and there is also a nice soft cloth backpack (also on eBay for $80) that is custom made for carrying the Bebop 2. They both carry a couple of extra batteries, a controller, the googles, drone, charger and room for a tablet (iPad or similar).

Parrot Bebop 2’s, Airborne Night, Mambo FPV, and a few cheap drones!

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