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Skycontroller 2P versus Skycontroller 2

Posted: 09 Jun 2019, 23:14
by Thrasherg
Ladies and gentlemen, I have a couple of Bebops's and a couple of skycontroller2's. I was flying today and it reminded me of a minor issue I am seeing and I wanted to ask for advice/suggestions. One of my skycontrollers is a regular skycontroller2, the other says its a skycontroller 2P (I assume its a bebop2 power skycontroller, I purchased the controller from eBay a while ago!!). Anyway, I notice that when I fly using the regular controller, that if I point the antenna of the controller at the Bebop everything is fine (good range and picture), however when I popint the antenna of the skycontroller 2P at the bebop, the little circular picture in the bottom left corner of Freeflight Pro tells me that I need to rotate the controller for best signal, when it tells me the signal is good the controller is NOT pointing at the Bebop2, but is aimed quite a bit to the side of the Bebop2.. This seems odd, firstly I wondered if it was the skycontroller 2P needing a calibration or something, then I noticed the regular skycontroller is running software v1.0.9 but the 2P is running v1.0.5. I asked freeflight pro to check for updates and it tells me both skycontrollers have the latest software.. I tried to find the skycointroller software on the parrot WEB site but couldn't find any drivers, is there anywhere I can check that they really do have different software versions and are up to date? Any ideas why the 2P controller doesn't want me pointing the controller at the Bebop but of to the side? Is this normal or is something out of callibration? Both controllers give good range and seem to work perfectly but I dont understand why they should both behave quite differently regarding the direction the controller should point for best performance?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.


PS can anyone tell me if there is a parrot central location for downloads, I couldn't find a single download on their normal WEB site.

Re: Skycontroller 2P versus Skycontroller 2

Posted: 28 Jul 2019, 18:24
by SamerR
Hi Gary,

I am new to Bebop 2 , I just got it with the skycontroller 2(no P) , also it updated and running version 1.0.5 , having the same issue as you , but also it does not lock GPS , I fly with GPS on BeBop 2 only ... it seems to be ok to me so far , but I have only flown within 500m range. contacted Parrot and eating to hear from them.

Re: Skycontroller 2P versus Skycontroller 2

Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 17:38
by Thrasherg
Hi Samer, I later found that my 2P controller was not calibrated, after I calibrated it, it works exactly the same as my other skycontroller2 and have had no issues since. You might want to connect your phone/tablet to the controller and then check if everything is calibrated in freeflight pro. you touch the controller icon and it brings up a menu and shows if it is calibrated or not. If it isn't it has you rotate the controller in the X, Y & Z dimensions.

Regards Gary

Re: Skycontroller 2P versus Skycontroller 2

Posted: 05 Aug 2019, 03:27
by Apolonio
Hello Gary,

Glad you got everything worked out, calibrating controller does help.

Also want to share something I came across last year, differences between Skycontroller 2 with white rubber band and Skycontroller 2P with black rubber band.

The older Skycontroller 2 have four mini antennas, and the Sky controller 2P have two large antennas and a cylinder 3.6 volt battery.

Skycontroller 2P actually has better performance, produces stronger signal. These two larger antennas have 100% more antenna surface over the four mini antennas combined.

Even when adding Solaris mod kits to these two different type controllers, the SC2P has better performance over the regular Skycontroller 2 with same mod kit.

Enjoy the Bebop 2, they are fun and camera is good under most conditions.

All the best,

Re: Skycontroller 2P versus Skycontroller 2

Posted: 05 Aug 2019, 21:23
by Thrasherg
Many thanks Paul, the 2P did seem to work better than the 2, but I figured it was just my imagination, but the better antennas would definitely help!! I didn't notice a big difference in range, but the Wifi just seemed to stay connected better and work better!!

Regards Gary