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BB2 - Getting more Advanced with Flight

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 09:40
by gnjac0rp
Hi Guys

I've fairly new to the whole droning business and only have the Bebop 2 and a couple of cheapo micro drones, I've seen alot about Freestyle FVP with the 5" drones and wondering a few things about the Bebop 2.

The FPV goggles for the Bebop 2 - I hate them, they are uncomfortable, dont fit my face properly and let alot of light in, I cant quite adjust them to my eyes well enough and the lag that comes from it as well.
I saw somewhere about using the Samsung Gear VR with certain drones and one of them being a Bebop, struggling to find answers on if I can use my Gear VR instead or when I get round to building my Freestyle setup could I use the FatShark's with the Bebop 2 - I have seen a dude on youtube flying his with FatShark.

Also Can a 3rd party controller be used with the Bebop 2 as well. Again thinking more for the Freestyle build, one FPV and Controller for the drones.

Almost finished, is there anyway to make the Bebop 2 more like a freestyle drone, like stop it sidestep and roll instead. Its obviously possible for the drone to do this as it has pre-programmed rolls and flips but I want to roll and flip it not have an computer do it for me and its nothing more than a "wow that was pretty cool" probs never use it again because what can you do with it.

Thanks in advance :)

Re: BB2 - Getting more Advanced with Flight

Posted: 02 Apr 2019, 11:17
by Cadieux
Yeah, those goggles are pretty uncomfortable, but I'm hoping they're going to be improving them in the future. Maybe even add some customization options. Very promising imo.