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Parrot bebop GPS not working

Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 02:12
by Parrot bebop 1 pilot
Hey guys,

I bought a parrot bebop 1 with skycontroller a long time a go. It works perfectly but there is one problem: the GPS of the drone is not working, never. The GPS icon of the drone never goes green. The skycontrollers GPS works fine.

When I try to return to home just nothing happens. Also I can't see the height or how far the drone is. Where you normally see how far the drone is away is just red. And the height just doesn't show anything. Also I can't see where the drone is on the map in the free flight pro app.

But the strange part is that when I fly the parrot it does stay perfectly on one position. Even when I push the drone a bit it brings himself back to the previous position. Also it never drifts away or something.

What I already tried:
- reset the drone
- put the drone in a open field and waited a long time
- opend the bebop and twisted the GPS cable
- reinstalled the free flight pro app and updated everything including the drone
- calibreded the drone

But nothing worked.

Please please help me. I really want to fix this. Every attempt to fix this issue is welcome!!

Re: Parrot bebop GPS not working

Posted: 16 Feb 2019, 20:23
by larry31
My elevation and distance readouts did the same. I don't know how, but they just started to work on their own.
I know it's no help, but what I did, in meantime was download, and install, then use the AR Pro-3 app from play store. I got my distance, and elevation readouts with that app.

You could ask Parrot help....

Re: Parrot bebop GPS not working

Posted: 31 Jul 2019, 17:19
by advane
It is not weird that the Bebop hovers well without GPS because it uses all the other sensors to help with hovering. I'm actually having the same problem: I bought a certified refurbished Bebop from Amazon, everything workes but GPS never did. Left out for 30 mins once. Asked Amazon tech support, told me to reset, also calibrated, no luck. Parrot support didn't even reply to my message, still waiting...

Maybe we could buy a GPS chip off Amazon or eBay then replace it ourselves, seems pretty easy, iFixit and even Parrot has tutorials on how to do it. That's probably the most effective
But since my drone is certified refurbished it has all the guarantees and warranties so I don't want to be replacing myself just yet.

Re: Parrot bebop GPS not working

Posted: 17 Mar 2020, 19:08
by Hunterdog323
Hey, did you manage to ever get it working or how did you fix it. I'm currently having the exact same problem. Cheers

Re: Parrot bebop GPS not working

Posted: 06 Nov 2020, 00:41
by Michael
Ciao, ho lo stesso problema al GPS, non si aggancia e non mi misura altitudine e distanza, restano a 0 e non riesco a farlo tornare a casa col pulsante addetto perché ovviamente avrò il gps guasto, mi resta rosso. Avete risolto cambiandogli il gps?