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Low Battery Warning?

Questions and answers about Bebop, Bebop 2 and the Parrot Skycontroller.
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Low Battery Warning?

Post by RadioBirdman » 26 Apr 2021, 21:47

Hi. New to this forum; new to BB2; new to drones. (Basically, just trying to figure it out step-by-step.)

So I'm flying my BB2, with the Skycontroller and Cockpit glasses. (And really enjoying it.) Am I going to get a low battery warning? Is there a way I can check my battery level? What will BB2 do when it reaches the critical level? Descend? Try to return home?

Also, exactly what happens when I disconnect? Does the BB2 return to home? Does it just descend where ever it is? Does it land?

Thanks for helping out a Newbie!

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Re: Low Battery Warning?

Post by Quadbod » 04 May 2021, 19:04

Hi RadioBirdman,

Yes, you can check the battery levels in FPV mode:
Press the left trigger switch on the SC2 (pic) and it will cycle through the 3 displays. One gives telemetry info (pic)

(Sorry about the poxy watermarks, haven't worked out how to get rid of them)


(If you have the SkyController1, the drone & controller battery levels are indicated on the controller itself, but I'm not sure about the FPV OSD)

When the battery level goes below 10%, you get a warning on the display (pic)

Depending on the health of your battery, you'll have approx 40 seconds to land. (data from this battery test vid:)

It won't descend or Return to Home automatically for low battery, but it will RTH if connection to the control device is lost (or so the manual tells you- I haven't been brave enough to test this!)

When the battery reaches 1% it will land wherever it is (well, it's more like fall-out-of-the-sky, I haven't tried it myself, but from videos I've seen there's nothing sophisticated or graceful about the 1% battery landing, it probably just uses the remaining battery power to keep it level as it falls)

You say you're a newbie (me too), but I assume you've been able to get hold of the Parrot manuals? I think they're all still available on the Parrot website.

There are at least 3: one for the drone (37pp), one for the FPV pack (25pp), and one for the Freeflight Pro app (86pp).

There's a fair bit of overlap, and even some conflicting info (well it wouldn't be Parrot otherwise), but between them and the wealth of tutorials and troubleshooting vids on the net, you can find the answers to most questions you might have.

Hope this helps


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