Carrying Drone on motorcycle

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Carrying Drone on motorcycle

Post by larry31 » 04 Mar 2018, 23:06

I'd like to take my Bebop along on my bike when exploring off road. I have homemade saddlebag frames on the bike.
I've adapted a homemade Topo map carrier to fit onto my frames. I'm thinking of making another case with foam to take the Bebop along on the other side frame.
This would mean the drone would be held in by foam, and positioned so that it is sideways, not horizontal. I can orientate it so the nose is pointing down, tail down, or side down. Bouncing along the trails mean forces are up/down.
Do you think carrying the Bebop this way would shake anything enough to knock something out of alignment. (Camera ?)
Which orientation would be least damaging to the drone?

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Re: Carrying Drone on motorcycle

Post by Youtuber444 » 13 Mar 2018, 19:12

Get a new carrying case from anywhere to custom fit the Parrot.

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