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AR Drone Flight Record #0009.9 - Rescue of hexacopter of HKG

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AR Drone Flight Record #0009.9 - Rescue of hexacopter of HKG

Post by solaris8x86 » 26 Jun 2015, 08:38

香港政府と強い風と機械的故障やその他の要因淀悪い運転技能に2015年5月4日ランズ学科の最新無人測定機15:00制御されていない秋シャンプイリバープレートで午後に、同時に発生し、マシン全体スクラップ、その間、AR Drone 3.0 RouterのMod Type、プロセスを保存するために一部を撮影したワイのクルーザーAR Droneを歌いました。土地省は、機械のサポート、画像の大規模な配列を保存するために十数人を送った。約3分の時間をアップ入れて、その後、3ベルを過ごすために、マシンの時間を節約する....

2015.5.4. A survey-used hexacopter of Land Department of HK government had crashed into river. Meanwhile, the AR Drone 3.0 Router Mod Type was the only drone closed by the disaster site and filmed the rescue operation to the hexacopter (this video) by Hong Kong Government. 3 days later, the local newspaper reported the incident and used this clip as a reporting material. Then we learnt that the hexacopter had equipped with an advance laser radar system in that time which costs USD$167,699. The government lost significant investment on the copter on that day and filmed by my AR Drone as the solo witness of the disaster.


Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/v/CrFmSm5dvK8
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Re: AR Drone Flight Record #0009.9 - Rescue of hexacopter of HKG

Post by smithethan801 » 30 Aug 2018, 04:12

Whoaa, Very Great Man a total good keep it up man. you're a total pro!

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