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AR Drone Flight Record #0009.7 - AR Successor (Bebop Mod)

How good you fly your drone? Sharing your footage here. Youtube, ViMEO, HD, SD video.
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AR Drone Flight Record #0009.7 - AR Successor (Bebop Mod)

Post by solaris8x86 » 26 Jun 2015, 08:20

AR Drone 3.0 Router Mod Type Gen.3 is the successor of《6,000th laps routine flight》which performed by 2.0 Router Mod Type since 2011 May. The Gen.3 is totally Sky shit free. And Parrot Sky shit controller latter is confirmed that it is just a WiFI Repeater with joystick onboard. It is highly recommend that all potential customers should not buy any Parrot AR Drone/Bebop drone package product to avoid being scammed. It is just a color trick for kids.

The AR Drone 3.0 showed in this video is probably the highest performance AR Drone 3.0 (aka Bebop Drone) on this planet. It was controlled by iPad accelerometer.


Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/v/8pgJ907vCN8
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Advancing Bebop 2 to Router Mod with deep explanation: http://youtu.be/cumh4VZonVE
Bebop 2 Flight Record #0010 Finale (must watch): http://youtu.be/1pNyMSKwWaQ

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Re: AR Drone Flight Record #0009.7 - AR Successor (Bebop Mod)

Post by xorr0 » 06 Dec 2017, 20:43

I am using a Bebop 2 with a Flypad. (The little one) I agree that the huge thing that they sell that comes with the Bebop2 is unneccesary. I was using a Xiaomi repeater with it and everything was "wunnerful". Then I didnt play with it for awhile.(Got a Mavic Pro) So anyway I go back to Bebop, and its Jumping? It goes up like 3' then hops 2 more? It goes up about 100' and its jumping like a jumping bean. I change the Props and do a company reset. Hmm seems to help. Not really. SO I put away the Flypad and the repeater..and it Flys like NEW. I use the flypad without rwpeater(router) and it seems to fly OK. But now I have lost my range, havent I? Why did this cause erratic jumping. It didnt do it when I first set it up. I want to use the repeater. 300meters aint getting it. Why is it jumping? Is it a bad signal beyween the iphone and the repeater? What? huh?

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