AR Drone Flight Record #0009.5 - 6,000th Laps Routine Flight

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AR Drone Flight Record #0009.5 - 6,000th Laps Routine Flight

Post by solaris8x86 » 26 Jun 2015, 08:05

《Full Version - 6,000th Laps Routine Flight》
AR Drone 2.0 Router Mod Type commenced its low altitude long range journey as a hybrid AR Drone since May 2012 in Hong Kong. And it has been the only civilian unmanned aircraft that capable of circling the field up to 6,000 times without hitting on any human object. As of July 2014. This flawless record remains unbreakable. To celebrate this successfully achievement ever done in "RC Aviation" history in town. We made this movie as a celebration and leaving evident of excitement.The man who showed in the video isn't me. He's another pilot/camera man who piloted a CX-20 quadcopter to trace Router Mod Type in the field for motion filming. He has major credits on this movie (Movie Director).

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Advancing Bebop 2 to Router Mod with deep explanation:
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