Throttle spring return kit

Mod shop in USA.

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Re: Throttle spring return kit

Post by blorincz » 05 Feb 2013, 06:07

KICKIN wrote:if you get any more, I would probably purchase one.

Saw your post in the other thread. Horizon Hobby out of Illinois will definitely do the mod for you at no cost, if you're willing to send your TX to them. What they aren't willing to do is sent out the parts to people. ||
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Re: Throttle spring return kit

Post by KICKIN » 24 Feb 2013, 19:22

Anyone needing a Throttle Return Kit for a DX6, let me know. I'll sell it for $20 USD (including shipping to a continental USA address).

Someone here mentioned that my DX8 already had this option that just needed activated. I took it apart and sure enough, it was already there.

PM me with your info and I'll send you my PayPal address for payment.

EDIT: As of a week or so ago, my kit is no longer available.
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Re: Throttle spring return kit

Post by phontek642 » 12 Mar 2013, 06:40

there is a box of 200 assorted springs available for $4.99 US from ... 67562.html" onclick=";return false;

there might be something in there you can use. and Ace Tru Value Hardware has boxes of springs af all assorted sizes can you post a pic of the spring? next to a ruler for scale...ill look and let you know what I find



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Re: Throttle spring return kit

Post by ScubaSteve » 12 Mar 2013, 08:02

It's not just a spring there is a couple of pins and a plastic rocker without those it won't work" onclick=";return false; << QuadMod RC Control for your Drone" onclick=";return false; << Like Us on Facebook


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