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MeteoEarth HD

Posted: 22 Apr 2014, 12:13
by j4m3sy
Although iOS comes with its own weather app, and many people have there own favourite, I wanted an application on my iPad to tell me the wind speed, and the suggested wind speed in the coming hours.

I purchased "MeteoEarth HD" and it works fantastically well. The app uses GPS to pinpoint your location, and then you can select "Wind" and get an accurate report on the wind speed in your current area. With AR Drones being natively GPS-free, this is great for predicting if its worth your while to take the drone or not (I only fly in calm conditions).

I strongly recommend the app for any AR Drone flyers, that worry about the wind, or drifting.

I have taken a screenshot of the app, so you get the general idea: