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iPhone 4S ,Drone Ace + 60Beat game pad

iOS Apps and Games for the AR.Drone. General iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch discussions.
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Re: iPhone 4S ,Drone Ace + 60Beat game pad

Post by pbody2013 » 03 Aug 2013, 15:59

Ruyton wrote:Having got my 60Beat controller up and running, I didn't want to loose the range of the iPad wifi and the video display. This 'Heath Robinson' contraption consists of my Book Book case folded back on itself, held shut by elastic bands and supported around my neck by a couple of nylon straps that go between the covers.

Very simple but works well :-)
Nice, how do you like the 60 Beat so far?
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Re: iPhone 4S ,Drone Ace + 60Beat game pad

Post by Ruyton » 03 Aug 2013, 16:35

Nice, how do you like the 60 Beat so far?
Well, an interesting question.

As I'm an RC man, I really prefer sticks rather than the iPad/iPhone touch screen. I wanted the 60Beat to allow me more precise control and to allow more gentle control inputs. I've been in touch with Tommy (DroneControl) and he reassures me that the 60Beat input is proportional, but I'm struggling to see the effect even when I'm REALLY careful with the control inputs. Pitch control (forward and backwards) in particular seems to be all or nothing - that is no matter how gentle I am moving the stick, the drone seems to go to maximum pitch all at once. This does make smooth flying really difficult. Now I know that you can switch off the downwards facing camera in Drone Control which makes the levelling process less severe, but you then loose the steady hover capability.

When using the iPad, I've now learned to 'roll' my thumb on the screen controls to give really precise control, especially when stopping a manoeuvre so that the video is smoother. I know that although the 60Beat is supposed to be proportional, it doesn't take much movement to get to 100%.

When I was testing the 60Beat compared with the iPad, I made sure that the control sensitivities were the same.

So, if you want to 'punch holes in the sky' with your 60Beat and DroneControl, all is well.

As I've now got the GPS Flight Recorder, I prefer to use Free Flight 2.4.3 so that I've got access to the GPS navigation screen and also to Drone Academy for the replay. I've also found that my iPhone 4 wifi range is poor compared to the iPad 3, so my plan to use the 60Beat with the iPhone in my pocket hasn't quite materialised.

Tommy has done wonders with Drone Control, so I really need to do some more testing with the 60Beat before drawing any firm conclusions.
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Re: iPhone 4S ,Drone Ace + 60Beat game pad

Post by bhupinho » 12 Aug 2013, 21:04

mcluvvin the 60 beat but ruytons right about the control sensitivity :) early days though, a bit of practice required lol so far so good :)

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