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Windows 10 - AR Freeflight 2.0 - Xbox 360 Controller

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Windows 10 - AR Freeflight 2.0 - Xbox 360 Controller

Post by Bibendum » 01 Sep 2015, 14:55

Hi all,

I downloaded the AR Freeflight 2.0 for windows 10, I can configure it to see my drone but unfortunately the controls seem to default to the touchscreen controls. I don't have a touchscreen laptop. I have my Xbox 360 controller with wireless receiver plugged in and working with all drivers installed. The Freeflight windows app doesn't have anything to allow me to choose my control method.

Has anyone had success with this type of setup?
Has anyone had success with the corded Xbox 360 for PC controller?

I also have my sony smartphone and PS4 controller as a method but I had to download a user modified version of AR Freeflight 2.4.10 for Android.

I would love to use my xbox controller and laptop to control the drone.

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