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Using MAVLINK for manual flight

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Using MAVLINK for manual flight

Post by stu54 » 05 Jul 2014, 04:27

Can the AR Drone be controlled using the manual MAVLINK commands like MANUAL_CONTROL (69)?

Maybe a more general question is what MAVLINK commands does an AR Drone support? Obviously
it supports waypoint upload and other autonomous flight commands but what about manual flight

I was trying to configure QGroundControl with a joystick just to see if I could monitor
the MAVLINK commands sent to the AR Drone. I have my USB joystick hooked up and
can see it moving in QGroundControl but I don't know how to associate the joystick
axises with roll/pitch/yaw on the copter through QGroundControl so I could then
see the MAVLINK messages being transmitted.

Thanks for any help!

Alice Kaplan
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Re: Using MAVLINK for manual flight

Post by Alice Kaplan » 18 Aug 2014, 03:39

t can pack C-structs over serial channels with high effiency and send these packets to the ground control station. It is extensively tested on the PX4, PIXHAWK, APM and Parrot AR.Drone platforms and serves there as communication backbone for the MCU/IMU communication as well as for Linux interprocess and ground link communication.

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