If you are flying with an RC Mod and upgraded firmware...

Mirumod, Macgyver, hull, cam, propeller, leg, cross, ball bearing mods... etc.
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Thinking of bearings
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If you are flying with an RC Mod and upgraded firmware...

Post by deanes » 01 May 2012, 21:26

If you upgraded to the latest you probably wish you hadn't. I read stories everywhere from it not connecting to my story of it acting funny and not being able to carry any payload (camera). I don't really have a MacGiver, but a copycat version. It does fly wonderfully, and I'm not afraid to fly 200-300 ft high now.
After reading all the posts, I decided that AR.Tommy's "Drone Control" app looked the best and easiest. I downloaded it and was so impressed with all it's capabilities. It downloaded the version I wanted (1.7.11) uploaded it to the drone, but whenever I did the required restart I just got normal green lights and no downgrade. We discussed it on this list and had lots of helpful emails from AR.Tommy. Even learned and tried the whole "ftp and telnet" procedure. Still would not downgrade.
Today, I tried something different and it worked!
Using the Drone Control app, I let it do it's upload thing and then instead of restarting by unplugging and re-plugging the battery, I just pressed the reset button instead. After about 3-4 minutes of red lights they turned green and I confirmed the downgrade!
Taped on a 4.5 oz camera as a test and went flying. I was amazed that it lifted it and flew around under control for a few minutes. But finally landed itself. The 4.5 oz. is just a little too much, but before the downgrade, it wouldn't even lift a 1.5 oz. camera. Thanks to Drone Control and it's excellent support.

THE DUMB ENDING. Happy to be flying under control again, I took the camera off and did some flying and went almost out of sight straight up. Had a perfect flight and descended slowly and under complete control and flew happily around the yard some but when I attempted to land I came down on a single (insulated) power line less than 20 feet from me. It just straddled the line running, and sat there balanced. I attempted to take off from the power line, but it wobbled and a blade struck, and fell from about 12'. Popped a blade clear off, the shaft and gear is missing and bent a 2nd. shaft. Quick repair and rebalance the two blades and all is ok. Still Flies Great!.

Thinking of bearings
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Re: If you are flying with an RC Mod and upgraded firmware..

Post by Tizzy » 02 May 2012, 19:00

Talk about luck! Have ruined a few cc's and mobo's after falls from that height..

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