magnetic compass for the old drone

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magnetic compass for the old drone

Post by szuu » 10 Apr 2012, 00:23

this modification has became obsolete before i managed to finish it :P because of course the new 2.0 drone already has the compass, but well, i only have the old drone :)
the ultimate goal is the autonomous gps navigation, the true heading is needed so the drone knows the relation between its physical orientation and the gps waypoints.
of course now that i have the magnetic compass, i will also implement the famous "absolute mode" :)

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Re: magnetic compass for the old drone

Post by Tizzy » 10 Apr 2012, 16:31

Another wicked bit of engineering! Sadly tho I work as an analyst in the financial sector and have few to none engineering skills. If you need any help testing or such, let me know as I for one won't be upgrading to drone 2.0 anytime soon and will be following this project with great interest.

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