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Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 06 Jul 2015, 22:25
by flyer42
illclairvoyant wrote:I know... I know, I'm years late...

My girlfriend just got me the AR. Drone 2.0 with the FlySky CT6B Transmitter & Macgyver mod already installed, but I think someone tried to modify the config file for the Transmitter at some point. The receiver detects the transmitter, but none of the controls work.

It seems the previously uploaded config file no longer exists. By any chance would someone happen to have one lying around they could upload somewhere for me?
I think this may be what you are looking for: ... 20Settings

I THINK this is the settings file for the FlySky TX. Since I'm not an expert on the mod, I'm just a user, I may be wrong, so try it at your own risk - hope it helps though.

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 06 Jul 2015, 22:32
by flyer42
Does anyone know the differences between the mirumod and the macgyver mod for the AR drone? Are they just different "forks" of the same mod? Is the software on the Arduino for these two different or the same? Are they interchangeable...?

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 07 Jul 2015, 06:39
by Tizzy
In my day which was a few years ago now, the miru-code had been slightly but decidedly changed on the macgyver mod to fit his soldering preference. That meant using a mirumod update either needed recompiling the macgyver change to the arduino or resoldering the signalwires for the receiver

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 07 Jul 2015, 16:38
by flyer42
Thank you Tizzy - I will look out for differences. See if I can figure out what they are, if any.

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 19 Aug 2015, 22:47
by flyer42
OK, I still don't know which mod I have (miru or macgyver), but with assistance from the seller I got my mod from (who has been helpful but really doesn't say much... incredibly short email replies only telling me what to do to solve the issue I have but not telling me ANYTHING other than "do this"... trade secrets I guess :D ) I upgraded both the ar.drone and the arduino pro mini to the latest software and everything seems to work, except...

... for 2 weird problems I didn't have before:

1. With a relatively good battery (or so I think at least - it's not new, but charges to 12.6 volts and balances well) my ar.drone 1.0 starts blinking the 4 motor lights red and lands - which, as far as I know, should be due to low battery - as soon as about 30-40 seconds after takeoff. My LiPo checker/balancer shows the battery at 84% (well over 11 volts) after this happens. The battery is a 1000mAH 10C Parrot one, I only used it on about a few dozen flights.

Any idea what may be causing this? A bad battery that seems OK but actually isn't? If that's a possibility, how do I check to see if the battery is the problem? A hardware or software problem (incorrectly measured battery voltage)? Before I installed the upgrades, the arduino sketch was probably 3-4 years old and the drone was on the 1.5.1 firmware - now everything is the latest and I'm having this problem since I upgraded. Maybe just a time coincidence, but this was not happening before the upgrade and started happening right after.

2. Being the trigger-happy early adaptor I am, I also upgraded my iPhone to the iOS 9 beta (BIG mistake - DON'T do it) and the flight app no longer works on iOS 9, and there is no newer version for the ar.drone 1.0 one and I highly doubt Parrot gives a hoot about the ar.drone 1.0 owners who are still flying this thing, so I'm not expecting an update after the official iOS 9 release either. So I can't check anything in the iPhone app like I used to - I no longer see settings, error messages, etc.. Now the only thing I can use to control the drone is my Flysky TX but that's a one-way street. Does anyone know if there is a drone control app that works under iOS 9?

Plus a bonus question :-)

What do the 2 rotary switches (pots) do on the Flysky remote that came with the mod? There is absolutely nothing about this in the short manual I got with the mod, only that the left one should be turned all the way CCW and the right one all the way CW. OK... but what are they hooked up to do?

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 11 Jan 2016, 13:26
by MrSmithZA
Hi guys

I dusted my AR Drone 1.0 off the other day after packing it away for years because of the frustrating Wi-Fi laggy inputs it used to fly. I came across this mod (just now, wow, under a rock much?) and was wondering if you guys know whether it's still being sold by the guy who started this? I've mailed him on his site, but I'm still waiting for a reply.

On a side-note: I noticed my second battery (OEM battery) completely died whilst in storage. It wasn't connected at all. It just died and was actually a little swollen. Luckily my other batter is still 100% after the same storage period and I'm able to use that whilst ordering an upgraded battery pack or two.

Cheers and happy flying! :)

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 14 Jan 2016, 11:17
by AR.Tommy

you may want to check this thread for the Mirumod: ... 114&t=5011

Re: Macgyver RC Mod for the AR Drone

Posted: 30 Nov 2016, 02:57
by colinkoo
Reading the MacGyver RC Mod posts which is over 5-6 years old, I wonder if anybody will read my post. Anyway I had the ARdrone Ver 1 for over 6 years and recently took it out of mothball and started playing with it again. Last month bought the MacGyver RC Mod kit from a website called Received the mod and installed it and it works. But now couldn't get to their website and emailing w/o any reply. Does anyone know what's happening? Are they out of business?