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Mirumod vs Spektrum DX8 issue

Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 19:22
by sorad10

I just (finally) installed the Mirumod board on a AR2.0 and after a bit of struggle, I got it to fly indoor.

I could not get it up at first, but I played with the Servos adjustments of the DX8 (I put: [ 100% 150% ] as it has two adjustments) then I could go up finally.

After a while and different try, I can't get the thing to fly no more. It binds successfully as per the red light sequence... After the setup and everything is adjusted, I got the following green LED sequence on Power Up: dim/full bright sequence, rapid 3 flashes sequence, slow flashes (2 sec) sequences... (No motor LEDs ever turn green) It work fine on the WiFi phone app.

-Anybody know the signification of the slow flashing so I know what to troubleshoot?
-Anybody ever bind a DX8 with the mod and know a few particularity for this model?

Any help will be appreciated, I already have some partial info from XR-4, but if anyone have the answers right away, that would be great! I just hope that mod is not broken already.

***I have also ordered a micro USB B cable to look at the config with hyper terminal, could not do much now without that cable***

Thanks in advance!