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"AR-Experimental" (D-LDS-02E) Alternative Body

Mirumod, Macgyver, hull, cam, propeller, leg, cross, ball bearing mods... etc.
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"AR-Experimental" (D-LDS-02E) Alternative Body

Post by borg » 27 Mar 2014, 18:29

First a great Thank You to Lars (3dlyx), printed the body near like my wishes.
You see the printed body with shaped notches for the screws and battery-holder.
The white stuff is Silicon to reduce vibrations from the motor/propeller-cross.
Now with the sportcross
The original battery holder is inserted
Build in the electronic hardware of my old, unable to fly "D-ARD-02A"
And now a original body plate, not fixed, because I use a modified carbonplate at the flying version.
The carbon plate is modified, so I have about 1 Centimeter more space between the ultra sonic sensores and ground cam.
This space I need to use a flexible keycam at this position.
The buildin HD-Cam I only use to flightcontrol, fpv, and directioncontrol if I am making movie or photo.

A criticaly view at the sportcross!
The screws at motorbase an central cross can damage the isolation of cables - at screwing or with vibrations.
If I damage a crossbeam, I will replace it with an alternative (alu, plastic, Carbon, fiber) and I will arange the cable-tree outside the crossbeam.
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Re: "AR-Experimental" (D-LDS-02E) Alternative Body

Post by Buner » 13 Apr 2014, 04:10

Hi, looks great, i plan to make anything similar but with easy replaceable arms, have you any STL or skp to download?


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Re: "AR-Experimental" (D-LDS-02E) Alternative Body

Post by Witmore » 14 Apr 2014, 02:43

have you weighed this? I know the sports cross is lighter the the stock AR central cross, is this body lighter then the standard AR Body? I haven't started printing parts for my AR yet, but my guess PLA or ABS would be heavier then the expanded polystyrene that the original body was

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