Mirumod serial testing

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Mirumod serial testing

Post by Olliedog12000 » 21 Jul 2017, 22:42

Hi I'm very late to the party I know but I have just made up the arduino LLC mirumod for my drone 2.0.
I have installed and tested the setup within hyperterminal and everything works as it should but I get no green light on the arduino to say it has added the at2so to the drone, from what I have found so far it seems I might have a bad serial port on the drone but is there a test I can do to actually test the serial port or maybe the rx/tx wires from the mod to make sure everything is working like it should?

Also if it turns out my serial port is at fault is there any way to repair it?

Many thanks.

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Re: Mirumod serial testing

Post by AR.Tommy » 27 Jul 2017, 08:48

Hello and welcome,

As far as I remember a green led on the arduino does only mean it has power. (A video might help)

I'm not aware of a test of the serial connection. But, if you follow the receiver setup it should be obvious if the serial port is fine.

Sweet and delicious apps for your drones.

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