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Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 09:18
Do not have a USB 3G modem at hand, trying a USB SD storage card reader first:

Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 11 Nov 2010, 10:29
USB driver for Sierra Wireless USB modems (e.g.: 881U: WCDMA + GPS) is already contained in the AR.Drone kernel source code but not built in the current kernel delivered, latest driver source code can be downloaded from: ... FJRVRpa2Fr" onclick=";return false;

Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 31 Dec 2010, 10:08
MAPGPS wrote:I tried to re-build the AR.Drone Linux kernel with USB OTG driver module enabled.
FTP the module dwc_otg.ko onto AR.Drone, and load the module.

Code: Select all

# uname -a
Linux myhost #1 PREEMPT Fri Jul 2 15:23:06 CEST
2010 armv5tejl GNU/Linux
# pwd
# ls -l *.ko
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root      1020550 Jan  1 00:51 dwc_otg.ko
# insmod ./dwc_otg.ko
# dmesg
[ 3118.627164] dwc_otg: version 2.70a-parrot 22/03/2009
[ 3118.627335] dwc_otg dwc_otg.0: dwc_otg_driver_probe(c0357578)
[ 3118.627366] dwc_otg dwc_otg.0: start=0xc0400000
[ 3118.627481] dwc_otg dwc_otg.0: base=0xc8e00000
[ 3118.627514] dwc_otg dwc_otg.0: specific configuration
[ 3118.627545] gpio 0 is not selected.
[ 3118.627556] Please do it in your board code
[ 3118.627576] not auto selecting this critical pin
[ 3119.131878] dwc_otg dwc_otg.0: dwc_otg_device=0xc7a424e0
[ 3119.140222] DWC_otg: dwc_otg_core_reset() HANG! Soft Reset GRSTCTL=80000001
[ 3119.140265] DWC_otg: dwc_otg_core_reset() HANG! AHB Idle GRSTCTL=80000001
[ 3119.153143] DWC_otg: dwc_otg_core_reset() HANG! Soft Reset GRSTCTL=80000001
[ 3119.153185] DWC_otg: dwc_otg_core_reset() HANG! AHB Idle GRSTCTL=80000001
[ 3119.153229] DWC_otg: Dedicated Tx FIFOs mode
The "HANG!" message indicates a communication problem with the PHY.
The author of this Blog has just figured out it:" onclick=";return false;

From the Blog: The PHY has been disabled by "program.elf". In order to activate the USB as Host, GPIO_127 needs to be set to input level. This can be done either by ioctl or by the gpio command:
# gpio 127 -d i

Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 20 Sep 2011, 17:12
by brunoaduarte
I believe the main problem using a 3G modem would be the network latency.

Do Skype VOIP data packets have priority on 3G networks ?

If they do have priority, we could spoof the header of AR DRONE packets to make it look like a SKYPE packet and then reduce latency.

Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 23 Sep 2011, 19:42
by brunoaduarte
Hi MAPGPS, i was thinking of developing an external pcb with 3G chip + GPS module to connect on the AR Drone , but it seems you're on a better way. Have you managed to connect a 3G modem and control the drone over it ?

I'm still willing to develop a module for it, just don't need the 3G part anymore.
The module will have a uC + GPS and will have connections for more ultrasound sensors and 2x 36 INFRARED LED Board that will be placed around the 2 cameras.
Ultrasound sensors for detecting obstacles and IR leds for nightvision.
Also autonomous fly using GPS destination coordinates.


Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 16 May 2013, 19:21
by jstefanop
Symon wrote:Adding a 3G/4G modem is just way over ambitious for the AR Drone. It's not feasible.
I had to resurrect this thread because I love disproving people that think they know what they are talking about but really have no idea.

So you say " it's not feasible" ?

Well tell it to these guys ;) ... et-on-lte/

Re: 3G Modem modification

Posted: 11 Mar 2019, 16:08
by johnminaa
mf25053 wrote:
15 Oct 2010, 20:47
3g and even 4g are going to have the same issue of lag.

as you'd be flying by pure camera once out of visual range of the drone, this would make flying it very difficult if not impossible

and I realize 3g and 4g have good data transfer rates. BUT they also have QOS features, which prioritizes voice over data the way a VOIP phone system (when correctly configured) works. voice information must be in a constant stream, where as data can be delayed and reassembled on the other end. that would happen to the drone's flight controls as well as the video stream.

I'm also betting the USB port isn't an accessory port, it's more than likely for internal diagnostics or factory installs of software / firmware. those type of setups usually are only for that purpose.
I bought a DISCO drone from my friend and now I want to configure it with a high-speed modem, which modem I use for it 3G modem or 4G modem will be best for it.