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Hi from Latvia

Let us all know who you are and your background in flying.
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Hi from Latvia

Post by _TheWildCat » 19 Feb 2017, 17:50

Hello folks, I'm from Latvia and I own Parrots AR.drone 2.0 Elite Edition. I love drone flying, but I haven't had a opportunity to do that a lot. It was a pain in the as*. So, this is my story.
I bought my AR.drone 2.0, when I got home I charged it, everything was going well. Well, at least till I started to take off. My drone flipped after lifting like 30 centimeters in air, I didn't even do anything. After trying to figure out what I did wrong, I just sent it back, because there wasn't anything that I could've done wrong.
Next day I went to the skatepark and guess what, I broke my frickin' arm. After coming back from hospital, the drone was there, but I couldn't fly it. After a month my arm was not hurting anymore, so I tried to pilot it and this time, everything was great. I flied it like that for two days and than decided to let it take off my balcony. Somehow I pushed the landing button and it landed with props scraping by the wall.
After that it was kinda floppy and not stable, so I didn't fly it much. When my arm was OK again, I tried to fly it. I decided to give it more speed, so I increased the flying angle, not much, just a bit. I started flying around and it was all nice..while I was flying... When I stopped (like 20 meters in the air) the drone angled backwards and than detected high angle emergency or something like that, so it fell to the ground, broke the central cross, two props, gears and shafts. I hope the motors are OK. Now I'm waiting for parts to ship.
That's my story, hello everybody! :lol:

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