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Hi to you guys who get high without being called druged

Let us all know who you are and your background in flying.
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Hi to you guys who get high without being called druged

Post by nazmo » 20 Jan 2016, 22:10


I live in France (Normandy), I tinker a bit in electronics (preparing HAM operator license, starting to design cool circuits 8-) , ...)
and I have an Ar-Drone v1 (since 2013) that I bought second hand (200€), when I received it, I tried it in the neighborhood (in a clear area) and I managed to get it at something like two meters, then it went crazy (maybe a problem with wifi) and started to climb to the sun, it was at something like 20 meters when I pressed the Emergency stop button (the wind was starting to drive it to houses nearby :| ), it fell, I ran but couldn't catch it before it hit the ground :cry: ,
result: the cross broke and the app said that there was a Motor problem, then I tried to fix everything (I was 14. and a big newbie in electronics so it did not work after the operations I made), after that I let the drone sit in it's box, sometimes opening it to see if I can fix anything, I eventually saw that a coil (470µH I think) was damaged and I searched for a new motherboard + one motor, it never got further, I also tried to communicate with the drone with my PC and through serial but also,

I never got any good results, during that time I also figured that this machine has not the functionalities I'm searching and also I don't have an Androïd smartphone anymore (nor an Iphone but I know that there are ways to drive it from PC but I'm not really interested in that either) so I'm planning to make an homemade machine that will fit my needs (essentially FPV and aerial scanning/photography/"mapping" remote areas), I'm finishing to build a Reprap 3D printer so it won't be hard to make the frame and I guess I'll use the APM platform or something like that (probably an Atmel AVR chip but I'm not at this stage for the moment), I'll also try to sell all the parts I can to get a bit of my money back (like the shells, the batteries (I'll have to test their capacity before but I think they're good), the ultrasonic board, the balance lithium-cells charger, ...).

I guess that a good introduction, nice to meet you guys and I hope I'll learn some stuff here and maybe add my share of knowledge/experience to this forum ;)

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