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Drone privacy project

Let us all know who you are and your background in flying.
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Drone privacy project

Post by UWstudent » 04 Feb 2015, 07:23

Hello everyone,

My name is Paul. I am a undergraduate at the University of Washington. I am in a user design class where we are looking at design solutions to different problems. My group is concerned with Drones and Privacy. Currently we are looking into public perception of drones and how that perception impacts peoples concerns in regards to privacy. We have been tasked with researching the issue and then coming up with a solution that may alleviate privacy concerns people who use drones commercially and recreationally may have. I would like to query anyone interested in helping me with my reseracyh. We have come up with some general questions for our research but I would encourage any opinions or feelings you may have on the subject even if they are outside the scope of the questions. I will include them at the bottom of the post.

To give you some background we are thinking along the lines of developing (in theory only, not actually make it) a application sort of like Waze if you are familiar with it from android phones. Where it would provide real time information on drone activity in someones given area. Providing details of the drones purpose and information of its operator being a business or recreational user. With this in mind would you feel that it would be something that would help with any current negative perception drones may have? Would it be something you think would be useful, and you woudl use? Or do you feel that its something that would have challenges to the drone operators privacy? These type of questions are what we are looking at as well. I'm sorry to leave such a long winded post but I wanted to give as much information as possible! I hope to hear back from you all and look forward to speaking with you.


What do you associate more with drones: military / recreational?

What is your experience with drones?

Have you seen one in person?

How would you feel if you noticed one flying near your house?

Are you open to the use of drones in society?

Could society benefit from the implementation of drones?

What could you see drones being used for in the near future?

Who do you think should be able to operate drones?

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