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Newbie from Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 20 Dec 2014, 19:16
Hi all. As the title (and my Username) implies, I reside in Saskatchewan. Lucky Lake to be more precise.

This is my first R/C "Toy", the AR Drone 2.0.

I plan on using it in the field, along with QGroundControl to plot 1km - 1mi flights in and around some small forested areas in my neck of the woods to observe wildlife. We are in a large migration fly-zone. Spring & Fall we observe more than 15 million birds each year!

I have also observed Moose, Elk, Prong Horned Antelope, White Tail Deer, Coyote, Badger, (Grey Wolf are in the are, but never personally seen), and Fox.

Birds include: Canada Geese, Snow Geese, Snowy Owl, Whooping Crane, Sandhill Crane, Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, Red Tail Hawk & Swanson's Hawk.

Great ideas, now to see about putting of my ideas into play! Would be nice to see how things record, and maybe even some YouTube uploads for the community to see!

Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a good flight!


Re: Newbie from Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 21 Dec 2014, 15:06
by garrock
VE5MDH wrote:I plan on using it in the field, along with QGroundControl to plot 1km - 1mi flights ...
To reach out that far with the Drone, you will need two things:
  • External Antenna Kit Mod on the Drone
    WiFi Range Extender

Re: Newbie from Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 21 Dec 2014, 17:05
garrock, looks like my plans may be tweaked a tad bit now. Last night, as I tripped upon the Parrot Bebop Drone yesterday evening. Seems that this new drone will fulfill most of my endeavors and/or desires.

But to respond to your post, what I was looking to do was use the GPS Flight Recorder with QGroundControl to fly the AR Drone 2.0 around. If you are brave enough, you can just plot in your coords, and QGC will fly the drone by itself! There are some very interesting videos with QGC in charge of the flight.

Now that I have tripped upon the Bebop w/ SkyCommand (Not yet released to the general public until Jan-Apr 2015), I think this is the way to fly!

Parrot anticipates the MSRP to be $1,000.00 cdn. I may wait until I take a trip to the States and pick it up while on a Rock Hounding mission (Yet my original idea for a drone!) ($900.00 usd).

I think this just adds to the calamity of how the thought process goes on with Parrot in France! One would have planned to have this product launched in time for Christmas 2014 and not the Spring of 2015! There must be a Supply Issue, or on their first batch of Bebops, errors were encountered by the public (such as connecting the battery).

Anyways, I like the ideas put forth with the Bebop (real stupid name, though), like the 1080p video with real stable video output (I do believe there are no gimbles used! just a lot of CPU processor time adjusting to keep the camera stable). Just pop in your iPad-iPod-iPhone-Android into the dock, and fly by Joystick!

I'd like to see a video of the distance flown (2km) with the SkyCommand in use! Flying outside of VFR (in a controlled environment, such as where I live! In the middle of No Where!), straight line of flight.

My caution with the Bebop is its weight. It weighs much less than the Ar Drone 2.0! Will the wind just pick this drone up and toss it into the side of a cliff if I were to ascend it up a slop of a steep cliff or mountainside, in search of something special?

During calm days is where the videos are being posted online (no flags or wind socks noticed). A real nice flight is where a guy took his drone through the woods near his house! Real spectacular flight indeed, well worth the watch! Let's face it though... Out here in Saskatchewan, calm days are far and few between. 30-40km winds are normal. And with something that light, I think the wind will just turn it into a unstable toy. I might be totally wrong, and users who are getting their videos online may be able to demonstrate for us just how stable a flight can be in higher winds.

I can quickly see my Son inheriting my AR Drone 2.0 quite quickly. What really sucks is I just purchased 6x 1800MAh LiPo Batts from China for the drone. I think I have an idea on how to make a successful transition for these batteries to the Bebop seamlessly. For now though, I'll just keep this information under the hood, as I might be able to create a hobby industry with this idea for anyone who is planning on upgrading to the Bebop.


Re: Newbie from Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 21 Dec 2014, 20:50
by garrock
Yep.. The BeBop appears to be a popular Christmas Gift Item.

The stores I've talked to cant keep them in the shelf here in the states.

However, the lowest total cost of ownership to do downrange FPV type flights is STILL the AR.Drone 2.