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Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 10 Mar 2018, 18:35
by xxxCBxxx
Took some time to find the right article to follow the software update sequence, so pasting it here in hopes this information gets pushed to the top of the major search engines.

Via computer/USB

1. Power on the Parrot Mambo and wait until the lights (eyes) turn green.

2. Connect the drone to your computer using a USB/micro-USB cable (provided). >Wait until the drone's “right-eye” light is a steady green

3. Go to Parrot Mambo’s support page at ... /Mambo@tkb.

4. At the Parrot Mambo support page, you may click either Software update (under DOWNLOADS) or Update to download the

5. When download dialogue box opens, check Save file, then click OK to download the update file.

6. Following the download, click the blue arrow on the browser window , then click the folder icon to access the file.

7. While the MiniDrone is powered on, double click on Parrot_Mini to open it.
Note: if MiniDrone is off, press the ON/OFF button to turn it back on and wait for your computer to recognize it.

8. Drag the update file into the open area ( the root of the drone) of Parrot_Mini.

>Parrot Mambo's lights will flash while the update file is being transferred.
>Once the transfer is complete, the right-eye light remains green, and the left-eye orange.

6. Safely disconnect and remove the Parrot Mambo from your computer.

>Installation begins. The lights alternately flash orange with increasing rapidity. Do not remove the battery while the update installation is in progress.

7. The installation is complete when the lights turn green.

Using FreeFlight Mini This is slow and only should be used if you do not have access to a PC.
To update the firmware, do the following:
1. Press the On/Off button on the Parrot Mambo to turn it on.

2. Open FreeFlight Mini app and tap Mambo_xxxxxx.

3. Parrot Mambo's information page opens.

Tap Check for updates to update Parrot Mambo's firmware.
Or, tap > Check for updates. Update begins automatically. ... a-p/153647

Re: Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 03 Jan 2019, 23:10
by Edthesnake
Many thanks for this. I can't tell you how much pain this saved.

We were having complete melt down trying to get the drone connected to use the FPV goggle/phone system and it was just not having it. So I had written the email to send it back, but thought I would give Mr Google another try and found this.

I looked through Parrot's website to find these firmware updates and it was not obvious how to get there at all. I have since found them as I knew the page I was looking for (so well done for finding it on Parrot's clunky website).

Also, the instructions to just drag and drop the update file was a relief to find.

Cheers, :D

Re: Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 07:41
by Dirk_ANAFI
But be VERY CAREFUL with this older description:

A) the firmware files on the Parrot support page are WRONG FILES for Mambo!

B) with the newest FreeFlight Mini version the described "USB method" to update the firmware is no longer necessary, because the update is always done with this app. In consequence there is no permanent link to the actual firmware file any more.

Re: Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 19 Apr 2019, 02:11
by dylan91
hi guys, i am having an issue with my mambo. i bought it new about 6 months ago, and i really enjoy flying it but around a month ago i was flying up and down the street untill the battery went flat so i charged it back up and i went outside to have another go but once i got into the app it come up with an update so it took a little while but that went fine but ever since it updated i have not been able to reconnect to the drone through the app, it however connects fine through the Bluetooth settings the green eyes will stay on indicating to me its connected but when i go to enter the app its stuck at the 2nd stage saying turn on drone. i have tried holding the power button on for 30s to reset it, tried uninstalling the app and starting it all fresh, tried to update through the computer but nothing seems to. can anyone shed any light as to what i should do next i have emailed them and they replied saying they will contact me within 48 hrs.. TIA

Re: Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 22 Apr 2019, 10:32
by Dirk_ANAFI
What FW versions do you have (Mambo, controller)?
What is the version of FF Mini?
Mambo Flight/Mission or FPV (with cam)?

Re: Update Parrot Mambo Software - Detailed

Posted: 17 May 2020, 14:02
by Harry-Ackermann
Thank you for your help but how do I install outdated software versions?