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Free to Play Demo - Airsports Quadro

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Free to Play Demo - Airsports Quadro

Post by BlueBudgieStudios » 21 Feb 2017, 15:27

Airsports Quadro (v1.1)

Airsports Quadro is a Quadcopter Simulation in development that I am working on.
The simulation uses Nvidia PhysX and the entire flight mechanics are based on forces, torques etc., as opposed to scripted simulators. Also all environment collision is handled by PhysX. The development environment is Unreal Engine 4. The demo can be downloaded for free and without registration.

Update v1.1, 20th February 2017
(please delete old savegames for proper initialisation: C:\Users\YOURWINDOWSUSERNAME\AppData\Local\QuadroCopterTest\Saved\SaveGames)

The update mainly focuses on flight properties. There was a gravity factor in Unreal Engine making the copter behave like with moon gravity. Also a wind system has been implemented, including a new wind meter. Basic keyboard controls are also included, but see notes for usage.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_g3hV ... sp=sharing

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/v/R3lD8kxUouQ

Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/v/1ilrJ0W6QRs

Update List:

Flight Properties:
+ Gravity increased
+ wind system integrated
(all properties adjustable)
-> wind strength and steadiness
-> air resistance: Quad faster/slower in wind/against wind and falls faster/slower with less/more air resistance, stronger with more area in wind/movement direction.
-> instability by local air turbulences, gets stronger with more area in wind and with higher speeds
-> large wind attack angles possible with more height
-> ground pushback, props wind bounces back on ground and hits quad. Like 'air billard'.
-> Feedback by wind meter, flags and environment (Dust, Debris,...)
-> Downforce/Upforce by quad tilt area in wind (like frisbee, Formula one spoiler,...)
-> quad gets carried away´by wind
+ wind meter: shows quad orientation, wind direction, flight direction and how much overlap quad has with wind. Is also tilt-meter.
Quad Tuning:
+ Main Stabilzer integrated (general quad stability); controls stability without any other environmental influnces like wind
+ copter mass adjustable; more mass means more stable (in wind) and allows therefore higher speeds, but needs more battery.
+ second quad intergrated
+ second quad sound integrated
+ Power Input Linearity adjustable
+ time of day adjustable
+ fog and fog distance adjustable
+ camera jitter adjustable (6 levels and off); gets higher with higher speeds
+ Simple keyboard controls integrated (WIP). But beware: no comparision to flying with gamepad. Quads simply need analoque controls and a proper quad control with discrete inputs is just difficult.
+ Decrease Button TAB-key: Many inputs can now be decreased by holding TAB and increased by not holding Tab. Saves keyboard space.
+ new name 'Airsports Quadro' for self-motivation

Features v1.0:
+ one large environment: Loch Parrot in Scotland
+ 9 Airraces
Rings are scattered over terrain, best time counts. Battery drains fast -> Tactics: when to recharge by flying past the fly-by rechargers (the two towers)
+ Many quad properties for tuning
+ Many quad paint jobs
+ first person view mode
+ Rescue balloon
+ Grappling Hooks to transport things (amazon delivery job training)
+ power control by stick or trigger, trigger is more game-like and stick more RC-like
+ two autopilots
+ spectator mode
+ dynamic and static 3rd person cameras
+ 9 songs
+ visuals (saturation,...) and hardware settings adjustable

+ extend wind system (changing air density with height, strong local turbulences with visualisation,...) + ongoing and most important: simulation of flight properties + XInput Issue with Unreal Engine for usage of flight controllers + second environment + Proximity Races: start and goal far apart -> close to ground/objects gives points, higher speed more points, over water more points, good time give more points + more quads and sounds + tutorial and turorial level
longer shots:
+ Skill Races: skill races -> follow a certain path as exaclty as possible in best possible time + Quad Billard: push giant air ballons from A to B + Photo Challenges: Animals show up and have to be shot + Quad transports skydiver, airplane etc into great height and releases them to fly them

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Re: Free to Play Demo - Airsports Quadro

Post by Bobrobot1 » 27 Feb 2017, 05:20

Nice! :D :D :D :D :D :D
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